Junior Tennis Racquet Exchange Program
Slammer & Challenger Players participating in the Tahoe Tennis Academy (Ages 5-12)
Free Head Junior Tennis Racquet given to each player registered for 2 or more weeks of the 2014 Summer Tahoe Tennis Academy Program.   

How it works:  It's simple...the Tahoe Tennis Academy will give your son or daughter a free size appropriate tennis racquet for registering for at least a two week full tuition program.  In a year or so when they grow out of that racquet it will be returned for the next size up at no cost but another 2 week program tuition.  It's like graduating to the next stage of training and learning.  Move on with a larger racquet, court and understanding of the game of tennis from the Tahoe Tennis Academy and leave the other behind with a sense of accomplishment and knowing that someone will be starting where you were.  (*note if you have another sibling that can use that size of racquet then the purchase of the same program of 2 weeks the following summer is still needed to participate in the program.) 

Information:  How many little racquets do you have in your closet that could use a good home.  Junior players use different size racquets during the stages of learning the game of tennis.  For example, a 5 year old will use a 19' racquet where a 7 year old should move up to a 21'.  There are also size 23' 25' and the standard size 27' racquets that adults use.  In the Tahoe Tennis Academy we will use the age and size appropriate tennis racquets for developing strength, control and confidence.  In addition to the size of racquets younger players will use different tennis balls and tennis courts.  

Viking Tennis Teams Make State!

Boys and Girls tennis teams advance to the Nevada State Team Championships and 8 girls and 3 boys qualifying for the NIAA State Singles & Doubles Championships.  This is the 3rd time for the girls and 2nd for the boys as a team.  Also, the girls won the NIAA State Academic Championship with the highest average GPA of all tennis teams in the State of Nevada.  The girls won the Northern Nevada Division and the Boys were Runner-Up. 

2014 Spring Team Tennis

Saturday April 26th, Junior Team Tennis matches were played at Centennial Park in Carson City, NV with teams participating from Carson City, Fallon and S Tahoe, all made up of high school aged students taking place from 12 – 2:00 pm and continuing through May 24th.   The players train at STHS during the week for match play on Tuesday and Thursday and technical stroke training on Monday and Wednesday.

 A social tennis event for South Lake Tahoe, Carson and Fallon junior tennis players playing singles and doubles in an encouraging and fun atmosphere.  “The weather was snowy and rainy in Tahoe so it was nice to have a clear day in Carson City for the event and I appreciated the 20 players participating and their parents bringing them out to Centennial Park; It’s awesome to see the young players making a commitment to themselves and their teammates in the offseason;” Justin Clark said, STHS Tennis Coach and Tahoe Tennis Academy Owner/Director and organizer of the event.

 The event was participated by Diane Baker Roberts, CHS Girls Tennis Coach and President of the Carson Tennis Club, Hal Wilkins the CHS Boys Tennis Coach and Julie Moore, Girls Tennis Coach at Church Hill County High School and husband John Moore the Boys Coach.

 There are more spaces available in the Spring Team Tennis program.  South Tahoe High School Tennis are holding tennis training Monday through Thursday after school at the STHS Varsity Tennis Court Facility, while matches Saturday are $40 for the season; fees include a t-shirt and a pizza party on the final Saturday event.  The age range for participation is 13 – 18. 

 “This Spring Team Tennis event is a great start to the season and leads into the summer programs starting June 23th and running through August 14th.   There are also adult programs through the Tahoe Tennis Academy and Lake Tahoe Community College that begin May 19 continuing through spring, summer and fall quarters.  Go to www.justinclark.usptapro.com for more information and to download spring and summer forms happening in South Lake Tahoe.

The summer programs are for all levels of junior and adults through the Tahoe Tennis Academy.  “We typically start kids in organized tennis training at the age of 4-5 and move up from there.  We are offering three levels of programs this summer,” said Justin.  The summer programs will run Monday – Thursday from 8 – 12:00 am for the 5-7 year old beginners, developmental training class for 8-12 year olds and older competitive 13-18 year old players.

The Tahoe Tennis Academy program promotes tennis as a lifetime sport through exercise for kids and adults with team and individual development.  We pursue excellence through hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and positive attitudes.  The Tahoe Tennis Academy focuses on the mental, physical and psychological parts of developing young athletes through the basics of racquet skills, footwork, and balance, and moving on to the tennis strokes for singles and doubles, training using the backboard and ball machine, ultimately focusing on the positions and match play strategies to prepare kids for competitive tennis through either high school teams or junior tennis tournaments around the area.